Covid-19 has already thrown up a host of challenging legal issues and we can expect many more to come.  Here are some of the areas we’re operating in already and some we expect to emerge in the weeks ahead.

Innovative dispute resolution

  • Although the courts have re-opened, innovation may be required to get the best results in this environment – including temporary ring-fencing of disputes, arbitration, mediation, expert determination, and expedited processes (binding and non-binding) for single issue resolution that can pave the way for negotiated outcomes

Company and commercial

  • Advising on delayed settlements and other anticipated failures to perform contractual undertakings
  • Advising on force majeure and material adverse change clauses, and on frustration and cancellation rights
  • Liquidated damages and penalties
  • Statutory demands and other insolvency procedures


  • Advising on delays to projects, including the doctrine of frustration, force majeure, variations and extensions of time, liquidated damages, and contract works insurance

Property and leasing

  • Rent abatement, loss of access, notification obligations
  • Frustration and force majeure
  • Delayed settlements


  • Advising insurers and insureds on business interruption insurance, liability insurance and other policies
  • Advising on situations where Covid-19 has exacerbated or extended the loss on existing claims


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